Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences November through December 2015


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Washington Bed & Breakfast Guild Annual Meeting & Conference

aDates: November 2nd and 3rd

Website: www.wbbg.com



Reservations can be made at the Marcus Whitman Hotel to stay during the conference. a



Marcus Whitman Hotel
6 W Rose St.
Walla Walla, WA 99362



Maine Innkeepers Conference

aDates: November 4th and 5th

Website: www.maineinns.com

Reservations can be made at the Hilton Garden Inn to stay during the conference.

Our lush gardens are beautiful while in full bloom.

Hilton Garden Inn
5 Park St
Freeport, ME 04032
(207) 865-1433



Pennsylvania Association Bed and Breakfast Inns Conference and Trade Show 

aDates: November 4th and 5th

Website: www.painns.com

Reservations can be made at the Ramada Conference Center to stay during the conference.a


Ramada Conference Center
1450 S Atherton Street
State College, PA


Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association Conference and Trade Show w/ MBBA

aDates: November 8th through November 10th

Website: http://www.wbba.org/index.php


Reservations can be made at the Holiday Inn South I-94 to stay during the conference.

Holiday Inn South I-94
4751 Owen Ayres Court Eau Claire
WI 54701




Kentucky’s Annual Educational Conference and Exhibitor Trade Show

aDates: November 8th through November 10th

Website: http://www.kentuckybb.com/

Reservations can be made at the Asbury Inn to stay during the conference.

Asbury Inn
1 June Ryan Circle
Willmore, KY 40390



AH&LA Conference and HX

aDates: November 8th through November 10th

Website: http://www.ahla.com/


Visit the official HX: The Hotel Experience website at, www.thehotelexperience.us for a list of hotels offering special rates for the show. Conference attendance is at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Where:Javits Convention Center
Jacob K. Javits
Convention Center
655 W. 34th St
New York, New York



Washington Lodging Association Annual Convention & Trade Show 

bDates: November 15th through November 17th

Website: http://www.walodging.org/convention/

Reservations can be made at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue to stay during the conference.

Hyatt Regency Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, Washington, 98004
425- 462-1234




Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri’s Fall Conference and Annual Meeting

aDates: November 17th through November 18th

Website: www.bbim.org

Reservations can be made at Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn to stay during the conference.

Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn
711 Wein St
Hermann, Missouri 65041


Innkeeping Story- Clary Sage Bed and Breakfast


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aWith final approval given on the opening of The Clary Sage Bed and Breakfast located in Roswell, New Mexico, Rick Wiles and Janlee Zumwalt began their newest adventure in the art of innkeeping. Rick spoke with enthusiasm about what they have done for their bed and breakfast and Janlee added more detail in email about the uniqueness in location of their place. Converting a California mission style home into an official bed and breakfast had its challenges with zoning which they learned and through proven research found the best solutions.

Q: How long have you been in business?

We actually just opened. We got all our licenses. There was a slight delay with the zoning which we have taken care of. Now, we are finishing up on our marketing and website.a

As we were going through the licensing process, we contacted all the local neighbors as we wanted their support in the process. We did an open house for the neighbors and community. They got to sample some of our desserts and coffee.

Q: Why did you decide to go into innkeeping?

This was the brainstorm of my partner, Janlee Zumwalt. We had always looked at historical homes and other properties. We “tripped” over this historical home which is hundred and one years old. There were no bed and breakfasts within the city limits of Roswell. We felt there was a need and the house was just perfect to become a bed and breakfast.a

Q: What is your signature breakfast?

J- At this time I don’t have a signature breakfast simply because we are just starting the B&B and are anxious to try out different recipes for item such as sweet rolls, quiches, scones, yogurt, granola, and a variety of muffins (all homemade of course!) I just tried a recipe for baked pears with caramel sauce and a dollop of homemade yogurt and my family gave it rave reviews.

Q: What’s the best thing you have done for your business?b

Along with taking the place back to much of its original look, the way the rooms are decorated really has added elegance to it. One of the hidden treasures we found was a hundred year old chandelier. And, we found a dining room table with its full set. We estimate it is over a hundred years old. We found out it was from a company back east called Lincoln. A friend use to own the company and gave us the history.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

J-The biggest challenge in starting the B&B was convincing the city planning and zoning committee to allow us to obtain the special use permit that was required to open the business. It did delay the opening of the business for about sixty days.

Government funding for historical homes does have restrictions. I would have needed to meet their requirement if I had wanted funding from the government.

Q: What motto do you live by?

J- Do to other as you would want them to do to you.

Q: What is unique about your inn?b

We are the only official bed and breakfast in Roswell. The place we bought was a home before we made it into a bed and breakfast. We have a wrap around porch. We tried to restore the house to as much original as possible. We restored some of the floors to its original woodwork called tiger oak. We put in a pool table and we will continue to add to the place.

The yard is big enough for an outdoor wedding.  I am currently restoring a water fountain and we will have an outdoor BBQ. Also, it is five minutes in walking from downtown with its museums, art center, and more.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

J- Rick and I are both personal trainers, firefighters, EMT’s, and massage therapists and have enjoyed doing all of those things at some point and time. There’s not a lot of free time lately but we do enjoying bike riding our tandem bicycle together or road bikes.

Q: Any fun or helpful advice have you learned from other innkeepers, friends, etc.a

We received overwhelming support from the neighborhood and community. We did our homework and met with everyone from the fire marshal to food & licensing person. We attended a state bed and breakfast organization where we got a lot of insight. We both had businesses of our own so we have past experiences with customer service.

Q: Any little known facts about the town?

Roswell facts- We have great weather, industries ranging from agriculture to aviation. It is home to one of the largest mozzarella cheese factories, once home of Robert Goddard who invented the rocket. The famous Sheriff Pat Garrett of Lincoln county  who shot Billy the Kid was once a resident of Roswell. The not so little known UFO incident of 1947.

 There is a Girl Scout camp in the mountains and one of the largest GridIron circuit challenges was held in Roswell.

cQ: What advice would you give to an aspiring innkeeper.

J-At this time we don’t have a lot of advice for other innkeepers because we are still learning, but if you have a dream to own a B&B then persistence is key and lots of hard work.


Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences August-October, 2015

Select Registry Membership Conference

aDates: Tuesday, September 8th through Thursday, September 10th

Website: http://www.selectregistry.com/

Reservations can be made at the Casa Marina- A Waldorf Astoria Resort to stay during the conference.a

Casa Marina- A Waldorf Astoria Resort
1500 Reynolds Street
Key West, Florida 33040




Texas Bed & Breakfast Association Annual Convention

a Dates: Sunday, September 13th through Tuesday, September 15th

Website: http://www.texasbb.org/

Reservations can be made at The Tremont House to stay during the conference.

The Tremont House
2300 Ships Mechanic Row
Galveston, TX 77550



Arkansas Hospitality Association Convention and Trade Show

aDates: Wednesday, September 16th through Thursday, September 17th

Website: http://www.arhospitality.org/

Reservations can be made at local hotels and other accommodations to stay during the conference.a

Where: (Conference location only)
Statehouse Convention Center
101 East Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72201


Southern California Hotel & Lodging Conference

bDate: Wednesday, September 23rd

Website: http://www.calodging.com/

Reservations can be made at the Pacific Palms Hotel & Conference Center to stay during the conference.a


Pacific Palms Hotel & Conference Center
One Industry Hills Parkway
City of Industry, CA 91744


Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns Conference

aDates: Monday, September 28th through Tuesday, September 29th

Website: http://www.florida-inns.com/

Reservations can be made at The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne to stay during the conference.a

The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne
211 N Lucerne Circle, East
Orlando, FL 32801


Bed & Breakfast Association of Mississippi & Mississippi Tourism

aDates: Sunday, September 27th through Tuesday, September 29th

Website: http://www.missbab.com/

Reservations can be made at local hotels and other accommodations to stay during the conference.a

Where:  (Conference location only)
Vicksburg Convention Center
1600 Mulberry Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180


Utah Tourism Conference

aDates: Tuesday, October 6th through Thursday, October 8th

Website: http://utahtourism.org/?page_id=11

Reservations can be made at Ruby’s Inn or Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel to stay during the conference.a

Ruby’s Inn
26 So Main
Bryce Canyon City, UT 84764


Bryce Canyon Grand Hotela
30 North 100 East
Bryce Canyon City, UT 84764





Federation of Ontario Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

aDates: Sunday, October 25th through Monday, October 26th

Website: http://www.fobba.com/


St. Jacobs

New England Inns & Resorts Association

aDates: Sunday, October 25th through Tuesday, October 27th

Website: http://www.newenglandinnsandresorts.com/

Reservations can be made The Wequassett Resort & Golf Club to stay during the conference.a

The Wequassett Resort & Golf Club
2173 Route 28
Harwich, MA


Innkeeping Story – Applewood Manor Bed & Breakfast


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Going back to 1789, the Applewood Manor Bed and Breakfast found in Castleton, Vermont is a historic colonial house which has only exchanged owners four times since it was built. Nancy & Ralph Hirschfeld are the fourth set of owners, who have kept many of the original qualities of the house when they turned it into a bed and breakfast. Inspiring tips were given by Nancy about their welcoming bed and breakfast including how to make things comfortable and inviting in the hospitality business.

Q: How long have you been in business?

We started from “scratch” nine years ago. The house was a residence when we bought it.

Q: Why did you decide to go into innkeeping?

My husband and I had both worked in corporation jobs. We wanted a change in lifestyle. Before we retired from the corporate world, we wanted to start a way to continue making a living.

Q: What is your signature breakfast?a

My husband does the cooking. He does a fantastic Eggs Benedict and wonderful blueberry pancakes.

Q: Where are the majority of your guests from?

The northeast area such as New York, Connenticut, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.

We have a nearby local college. Often, the parents will drop off their children than stop by to stay with us.

In the summer and fall, we get more international guests. They are from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Q: What’s the best thing you have done for your business?

We focus on a warm welcome and developing relationships. We gauge what our guests are looking for and make sure they are comfortable. It is quite a psychological endeavor. Sometimes, what is forgotten is developing a personal, comfortable relationship so people feel welcome and want to come back again.

We keep things simple and try to concentrate on the needs of our guests.

aQ: What’s the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

Balancing the business time with some personal time. We close down at times to take time for ourselves. Our business model is very simple which is what we wanted in our business. It took a couple of years to come up with our business model. We realized in the first two years that we did not want to employ people nor do events. My husband and I can manage all of the five bedrooms. Still, we do need to take time for ourselves to refresh. We need to close down as we have no employees.

Q: Biggest lesson learned in the industry?

When I look back I wish we would have discussed a division of labor before we started the business. I had not thought how I would be in charge of all the cleaning. Identifying skills and communication is very important about these things. As there is only the two of us, we need to be able to talk things out with each other.

Q: What motto do you live by?

Keep it simple and let it go. In moments of stress, I often am in the kitchen singing “Let  It Go” from the movie Frozen.

Q: What is unique about your inn?a

The inn has historic features. The dining room is the original kitchen with the big, brick heathen and beehive oven. We, also have the original hardwood floors. Some of them are oak and other floors are pine. There is also a wonderful marble fireplace.

We have thirty three acres of woodland hills and river trails on the property. Often, our guests enjoy going for walks through the woods before breakfast.

And, we have an in ground swimming pool which is unusual for Vermont.

Q: What would you do all over again if you had a time machine?

Being honest, I wouldn’t do it. We have made many friends with those who have stayed with us. Yet, it is not an easy way to make a living. As a business, I would have researched more about the business side in determining what our rates were going to be.  I have always charged rates that I was comfortable with. The pricing model and discounts that can be offered are some things I didn’t understand very well when we opened. I would liked to have talked to more innkeepers about running a bed and breakfast.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

Outdoor activities. My husband loves fishing even ice fishing. We ski and enjoy going for hikes.

Q: Any unique facts you know about your town?

The village of Castleton is a historic village with great architecture.

Locally, we have the only battle site in Vermont; the Hubbardton Battlefield. It is the only battle ever fought in Vermont for the revolutionary war.

aQ: Any fun guest stories you want to share? Such as unique guests, delightful situations or celebrity guests. 

Early on, a couple who has been here several times, came one time because their son was getting married in the area. They had their new stepdaughter with them, who was going stay with them, and I forgot to put the roll away out for her. They rang the bell and we didn’t hear it. Our dog, Samson heard the bell and helped them by taking them to the storeroom where we keep the roll away.

Our pets are important to us. We joke that some of our guests come only to see them. They will bring treats to our pets. Often, the guests will take our dog, Samson for walks with them in the woods.

Q: Do you have helpful innkeeping tips you would like to share? 

Find out more about the business itself, visit other innkeepers, talk with them, and welcome your guests. It is important to know what hospitality really means and develop more consistency and better standards.

We focus on why our guests are here and what their needs are as very important part of being successful in the business.


Innkeeping Story- Grady House Historic Bed & Breakfast


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aIn High Springs, Florida, the Grady House Historic Bed and Breakfast offers an enjoyable stay and a variety of activities within reach after indulging in a warm, gourmet breakfast. Lucie Regensdorf, co-owner with her husband Paul, shares discerning answers ranging from her occupation before joining part of the hospitality industry to insights that have helped promote her business.

Q: How long have you been in business?

We have owned the Grady House Bed & Breakfast for 9 years.  However, the inn has been in business for approximately 25 years.

Q: Why did you decide to go into innkeeping?

I was a trial lawyer in Miami and had grown tired of the stress associated with that.  My husband and I always visited bed and breakfasts when we went on vacation and I began to think innkeeping was something that I would enjoy.  I loved to cook, I loved to entertain, I loved to decorate and I loved meeting new people.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAQ: What is your signature breakfast?

I do not really have a signature breakfast because I love to try different recipes.  I get bored making the same breakfasts so I always change it up.  One of the recipes our guests seem to really enjoy is Berry Cheesecake Stuffed Croissant French Toast.


Q: Where are the majority of your guests from?

The majority of our guests are about two hours away.  Although we get a fair number from further away.  Some of our guests stop here on the way North from South Florida or vice versa.  We have had a lot of guests from Europe as well.  The Springs and rivers, as well as cave diving opportunities, seem to attract people to this area.


Q: What’s the best thing you have done for your business?a

Doubled the occupancy!  Actually, when we bought the inn we decided to upgrade the bedding to make it a little more luxurious.  We have down pillows and featherbeds and high-thread count sheets.  We added lots of amenities to the rooms and offer beer and wine to guests.  We expanded the gift shop portion of the inn and feature a contest every year for guests to take a Grady House bag, which we give them, and take a photo of themselves with the bag.  If they win the contest, they get a free weekend.


Q: What’s the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

When we first bought the inn, I felt a little overwhelmed.  It took a few months but, with time management and experience, I got much better at it.

Q: Biggest lesson learned in the industry?

Ways to improve customer service is an ongoing lesson.

Q: What motto do you live by?

We want our guests to feel relaxed and comfortable.  Our only rule is to make yourselves at home.


aQ: What is unique about your inn?

The location near the springs and rivers, the Craftsman style of architecture and the fact that our rooms are large.  Three have a sitting room besides the bedroom and one has a large bathroom with a garden tub.  We fell in love with the sizes of the rooms and the large garden which is always a surprise to guests.


Q: What would you do all over again if you had a time machine?

Meaning, what would I do differently?  If I had a time machine and knew how the market was going to change, I might have made some different real estate and investment decisions, but we don’t get the benefit of hindsight, do we?

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend time with our friends.  We also love to travel and, at least once a year, close the inn and travel somewhere exciting.

Q: Any little known facts about your lives?

This is my third career.  I was in retailing as a buyer and manager then went to law school when I was 31.  I met my husband, also a lawyer, at a deposition in Georgetown.  We were married in 1996 and practiced law in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  I talked him into buying a bed and breakfast but he continued to practice in Fort Lauderdale for 5 years – commuting home on the weekends.  Then, 3 years ago, he began practicing in Jacksonville.  He still commuted home on the weekends but this time the commute was shorter.


aQ: Any fun guest stories you want to share? Such as unique guests, crazy situations or celebrity guests.

Lots of stories.  Lots of interesting guests.  Lots of repeats that have become like friends.  That is what makes this job so fun and unique!


Q: Do you have helpful innkeeping tips you would like to share?

Make sure you take time off for yourselves.  Some bed and breakfast owners in Gainesville gave us that advice the first month we were open.  This business can become all-consuming.  Taking a vacation is revitalizing and brings you back sharp and fresh and happy to be home.a





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